We love building brands

From the ground up

We work with people who are just starting out as well as businesses looking to refresh their look.

We start from the ground up. We study your current logo and brand assets, and figure out how we can better align your image with your message. Branding is not just “making things look pretty,” we consider how you want to be positioned and how we can make the difference. Then we go to work.

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Work Example

Bluehill Fragrances

We worked with Bluehill, a Boston-based fragrance company, looking to find its niche in the competitive world of perfume. We focused on Bluehill’s distinctive edge – its small batch varieties made with natural ingredients – to create a brand in line with its process & philosophy. Using cool colors, and hand-drawn illustrations we created a look that resonates with potential customers. Next we created labels for each fragrance bottle and an ecommerce website to market and sell online.

Work Example

Renee By The Bay

We worked with Renee to craft a brand that was as authentic and sweet as her pies (or so we tried). What we came up with embodies the colors of her fun-loving spirit and creative imagination. We started with the logo and then created the labels to be used on packaging. We built her website on Shopify where she could sell fresh pies daily, directly to customers.

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